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Why we launched this campaign


The understanding that there is no natural class of rulers among people, and that all are born with the same unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Truth Made Simple is a ministry created to break down the walls in our nation. We were all created by one God. Let's help create a nation for our children's children to live in. We must hold each other accountable.


" Prejudice is a negative or hostile attitude, opinion or feeling toward a person or group formed without adequate knowledge, thought or reason and based on negative stereotypes. Prejudice is the result of prejudgment" and often leads to discrimination.

No one is born prejudiced! Prejudice is learned and can be unlearned. Prejudices are attitudes rooted in ignorance and a fear of differences. Whether the seeds are planted around the dinner table, on the playing field, by the water cooler or in the boardroom, they can grow out of control. "ADL.ORG""

Help us break down these walls by wearing this T-Shirt in public we need all races to help spread this message.

“All Men Are Created Equal”

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